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Dispute resolution

  • International and domestic litigation and arbitration
  • White collar crimes
  • Mediation

Commercial services

  • International and domestic mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial contracts
  • Company and association’s law
  • Labour law
  • International trade and economic sanctions
  • Insurance and tort law
  • Housing company matters, sale and lease of real estate
  • Sports law and entertainment and music industry

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

  • Acting as a bankruptcy trustee in bankruptcy procedures
  • Assisting creditors in bankruptcy and other insolvency procedures

We always carry out our assignments with utmost confidentiality. Attorneys at law Ratiolex Ltd. lawyers have experience in handling assignments from both private individuals as well as international and domestic companies. We serve our clients in Finnish and English.

Our fee is based on the expended time and the corresponding hourly charges of our lawyers. We apply itemized pricing if we have separately agreed in writing.

Our lawyer’s hourly fees are determined by case within the following scales EUR 200-EUR 500 per hour (+ VAT 24 %, EUR 248.00-EUR 620.00). We apply the higher side of the scale in assignments requiring special knowledge or experience, or involving unusual time constraints. As requested by our client, taking into account the assignments’ nature, we may also negotiate of special pricing principles as agreed separately in writing. All indicated prices and possible estimates are always exclusive of VAT, which shall be added upon invoicing, as applicable.

In general we invoice our services rendered per calendar month or at the latest when our assignment has finished. If necessary we expect a reasonable prepayment for our fees and costs, upon commencement of an assignment. Regardless of the basis of the fee and possible special arrangements (if any), we charge direct expenses monthly afterwards.